Graphic Design

Ana Benfield

Design for social impact is the practice of finding opportunities for change that give voice to those who have been marginalized by design.

“One voice gets lost in the multitude, but a thousand voices can travel through time.”

I am giving a voice to those who need it most.

My thesis demands attention—it speaks loudly to those who would otherwise look away. For my thesis project I decided to find a problem in the community of Boston with the purpose of finding a solution. I partnered with the Friends of Boston Homeless to help activate change and give agency to the homeless community. In collaboration with the non-profit organization, I created interactive platforms focused on support and self-awareness towards this matter.

Through this series of small actions, I aspire to make a big difference. I am adding my voice to the many others that have inspired me, hoping others will join me.

Design activates voices. Design creates a space for opinions. Design shapes perspectives. Design provides a platform to cultivate change.

What action will you take?