Ania Garcia Llorente

1: i register systems of work that produce satisfaction and exploitation at the same time

2: i am interested in the collective process in which images are legitimized by repetition, connective systematization, translation to different media

loop 1 and 2

1+2= 3 = the logical-unreal

elements of my work:

A: anchoring points

P: points of return

S: successives alternations of activities

A2: Art

? = ?

economy + language = ecolanoguamyge

MSMG: manipulation of personal simple mechanized gestures where the recognition of the material source and the fabrication process of the events is part of the work

G: geometry

RAICR: rational alternation of different ideal constructs of reality

DC: dominant culture

S: survive!

MSMG needs A and G because of how DC dictates our imagination

what happens with the art-experience as an agent of alternation between systems of activities?

how does the mind open to take in a new structure of reality?

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Untitled, 2020, video performance, 00:04:42

Untitled, 2019, video, 00:06:19

hexahedral copy Machine, 2019, video, 00:10:34

Untitled, 2020, video performance, 00:03:31

Untitled, 2019, video, 00:01:57

Untitled, 2019, video, 00:03:28