Graphic Design

Ashwini Ashok Patil

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ―Buckminster Fuller

Gender equality dominates our social consciousness. Despite its importance and ubiquity, some people continue to turn a blind eye and remain oblivious to the imbalance between men and women and the resulting oppression women suffer. This lack of understanding and shared perspective creates chaos. Graphic design can play a critical role in improving a woman’s circumstances—my thesis projects aims to create awareness and embolden women to define necessary boundaries.

The coronavirus pandemic has massively shaped the work I am doing, as individuals are urged to socially distance and to avoid contact with people and objects for fear of infection. I coopt this directive to safeguard and empower women. My messaging includes a hashtag, "#TouchKaroNaa" which means “DO NOT TOUCH ME.” Ironically, it sounds strikingly similar to “corona” and insists that men should end unwelcome encounters.

In addition to the digital campaign, I am reaching women through the traditional medium of knitting. By recontextualizing the custom into a vehicle for change and empowerment, I hope to build a community of strong women, who can embrace their femininity, honor their talents, and stand strong. I want every woman to understand that unwanted and unwarranted touching is “Not Okay."