Charles Suggs

I leave erasure marks and detritus as an homage to the erased histories that I study. My goal is to personalize this style so that it combines my own learning experience with the discovery of hidden narratives.

My work is about aspects of history buried away by the power dynamics that were threatened by them. I find examples of this through various forms, usually a story written about a different subject entirely, yet a side story within it will capture my attention. I revisit these erased moments, and compare how they are related to contemporary events. These different timelines interact with one another, with the ghost of the past haunting the actions of the present.

I explore this by using various media compiled for output through video. This process allows me to show multiple forms of information gathering and research that go into the overall product. I use graphite, oil paint, and film, combined with photographs and other non-animated videos, to obtain various effects and perspectives for the finished piece.