Diana Laurence Walsh

I work collaboratively as a visual artist to create process-based installations which employ rituals, labor and rules to explore the structuring of bio-political identities and classes.

I work across fields of painting, sculpture, and installation, with a focused investigation of deviant behavior, labor, class dynamics, and gender identities. I am particularly invested in papermaking and paper casting as a means to explore accumulation and ephemera in process-based practices. I am engaged with how these topics are informed by differences between individual, familial, and cultural memory, therefore folklore and storytelling are integral parts of this process. Time based media like bookmaking and projection help direct the use of narrative in visual outcomes. As I create, obey, disobey, and inevitably rewrite the parameters of my projects, rituals, routines, and rules both structure and rupture my practice. As a result, documentation and ephemera often play a more crucial role than a final commodity. Collaboration is a critical way I think through my practice. Reaching out to interdisciplinary artists and maintaining long-term collaborations are a grounding force in how I identify as a maker within a larger conversation.