Graphic Design

Ibrahim Alazza

All That Remains
Curating the Palestinian narrative by exploring the collective memory of Palestine over the last 100 years.
How has decades of conflict shaped the Palestinian collective memory, a story handed down from generation to generation? There are two Palestines: a war-torn, conflict-ridden country, and the Palestine I grew up in. This thesis explores the internal and external conflict’s impact on the Palestinian identity. By focusing on the experiences of Palestinians not captured in historical facts, I want to reveal a culture that represents struggle, resilience, and hope. Through symbolism, I relate historical moments and memorable artifacts cherished by Palestinians. Additionally, other creative expressions of the Palestinian narrative, such as the novella Returning to Haifa by Ghassan Kanafani provide inspiration and depict a memory visualized through imagination.

Continuous Quest
Personal Catalogue of Influence

Footsteps or what I like to call it Tiles book, the cover is literally made of ceramic tiles that I brought with me from Palestine specifically from the city of Hebron in the south of Jerusalem, and they are famous for manufacturing. They create these beautiful tiles that I have used before to create a table and frames, as I like to do form making. This book is printed on both sides Arabic and English, whichever the side you open the book, containing a poet of Muen Bseiso a Palestinian Activist author.