Jana Benitez

gestural abstract painting re-presenting somatic sensation and inner perception, exploring our bodies as temples, tuning forks, and portals into greater wisdom and collective consciousness. 

This body of work stems from my fascination with the human body and its relationship to consciousness. I investigate painting’s ability to depict different felt experiences and vibrational frequencies. Worlds within worlds emerge, compressing space and evoking simultaneity. Teetering on the edge of figuration, forms dwell in liminal states of emergence and transformation. Structure and order are in a constant state of breaking down and being re-built, getting swallowed up and rebirthing. A vertical line shoots up the center of the painting, doubling as a spine or axis. Like the keel of a vessel or the eye of a storm, it offers a space for anchoring and orientation. It celebrates our bilateral symmetry and reveals how the structure of our bodies shape how we experience the world. Like a visual mantra, the centerline also functions as a metaphor for staying centered: everything returns to the self, the body and the moment.