Jennifer Kilburn

Life is a series of countdowns and the grad school one just ended.

The next countdown just began. This is one-hundred and fifty words or less wherein Jennifer Kilburn is going to say something meaningful, and make connections to the social, political, and contemporary art world that can clearly be seen in her work. She's going to make a statement that sums up everything she learned about her artistic practice in grad school. She will make a justification for being here today and taking up two pages in this catalog, and two years in the Sculpture MFA program at Boston University. She's going to think back on these words in the future and realize, “This was the moment that I finally figured out what to say about my work.” These words will age incredibly well as her art career matures. She doesn't even need one-hundred and fifty words. Just condense that to five. Four is probably enough. How about three? Now two. One.