Graphic Design

Julian Parikh

I approach graphic design from the perspective of a queer and transgender person. I’ve found the conversations in the design community around “queering” graphic design to be good starting points for me to think about my own methodology and intentions.

I’ve recently focused on my own narrative of going through Hormone Replacement Therapy. Every time that I take testosterone, I am completing an action in which I am unsure of the outcome, but I continue to do so because of the potential for positive change. I’ve come to realize that, in the context of design, risk and experimentation is exactly the same. Therefore, why not use variable outcome as a method for graphic design?

The design community has gained so much from incorporating the queer ideology into their practice, so I want to use that ideology and way of making to give something back to my queer community. My thesis consists of five works entitled Eight Months//One Minute, and The Governance of Trans Existence Part 1 (Journey by Paper), 2 (RMV Story), and 3 (Recontextualizing Record Keeping), Transition in a Vaccum. This body of work uses experimentation in graphic design to explore and recontextualize common experiences in the trans community, in order to better communicate and share queer stories.