Graphic Design

Kelly Nicole Nolan

Using Process as Protest Against Our 24/7 Environment

Fueled by technology and capitalism, we’re living in a 24/7 environment that’s in a constant state of production and consumption, leading to contemporary mental health issues such as burnout, modern malaise, and apathy.

Some have pointed to sleep as the one human need in complete conflict with capitalist systems. While sleep can be a strong defensive tactic, as a designer I feel a responsibility to take an offensive position and use my creative process as protest against the non-stop nature of our modern day world.

My process involves long durations of time, chance, analog techniques, archiving and cataloging, collaboration, and the use of found objects. Through my thesis, I will use my process to hold a mirror up to our around-the-clock culture and explore the capitalist pressures that compel us to measure our self-worth in productivity and look to technology for validation and approval.