Graphic Design

Krystyn Wypasek

My thesis uses design to mold a physical, digital, and emotional space that facilitates positive moments of human connection.

I created an installation of data wind chimes. The shape of the top of the wind chime comes from spider graphs of data I collected on the role technology plays in people’s closest relationships. Each chime at the bottom represents 50,000 people globally who have recovered from COVID-19 and the length of each string is informed by the number of days that it took to reach the first 50,000, the second, the third, etc. Stitched into the shapes above are what people are missing at this moment that we will have again. Through photography, video, and audio, I’ve guided an experience that allows my audience to truly feel like they are seeing and hearing this piece in person. This media has become a proxy for actually interacting with the installation.

These forms are a practice in nostalgia, hope, the act of quickly shifting to answer a crisis, the synthesizing of seemingly disconnected information, and the representation of a large number of people in one final form.