Mack Sikora

My paintings are shallow. They love themselves. They love me more than you ever
could. They’re not interested in giving you space to move around in, nor are they interested in
providing a clear view of what life could be like without the limitations they represent. Oh,
they’ll tease you with it though. Like the candy wrapper on a lollipop, their colorful surfaces are
designed to attract attention, only to then deny the viewer admittance into the implied world

My dead-pan architectural spaces poke fun at the shallowness of our own perceptions.
While the work may imply a vastness of pictorial space, from a shifted perspective, their illusion
crumbles. They are just paint on a flat surface. They are a façade of depth, a mask of
complexity, a performance of seduction. They are swiping right on a catfish.
Painting has become a secure yet powerfully vulnerable void for me to whine in to.
Viewership is an integral part of my work and as such, these paintings are a cry for love.
you love me yet? No? Why don’t we drink a Hot Toddy and talk about it, baby!