Graphic Design

Mariana Ramírez 

Intuition guides us through the most transcendental questions, deepening our understanding of the universe and helping us navigate life’s most difficult processes, including trauma, grief, and creativity itself.

What does it mean to let go? Through difficult self-discovery, I asked this question time and time again. Looking for solace, I was drawn to the paranormal, exploring subjects that raised more wonder than fear. Shrouded by grief, creativity became my beacon.

We’ve all been in this darkness, that desolate aftermath when our towers come crashing down. Slowly, we learn the way out is through the rubble, through facing future unknowns and haunting lapses of the past. We cut chords. We release our ghosts. We begin to heal.

A profound emptiness heightened my awareness of the universe. I listened to those voices long suppressed by time. Like an infant learning to walk, I finally surrendered to the process.
Intuition guided me through grief and making, rendering the visceral forms in this work. Now, I share these fragments of my process; touching on what it means to heal and to create.