Graphic Design

Sizhi Zou (Cara)

A lot of people are led by emotions, giving the body and the spirit a harmful burden. Mindfulness can help us better manage our emotions, focus our attention, and find ways to deal with stress, allowing us to learn more about ourselves, let go of self-centeredness, and give the people around us compassion and empathy. Mindfulness is not to deny or suppress but to feel one's inner physical feelings and to fully experience current emotions, thus creating a head space and dissolving emotional and physical pain. Once the mind is empty, it stops analyzing and judging, and we can find our motivations, desires, thoughts, and preferences in the present moment. The purpose of my thesis is to encourage more people to integrate mindful meditation into daily life. It is an exhibition that combines emotion, the five senses, experience design, and dialogue. This project provides the audience with an immersive mindful experience, including fragmented mindfulness training and keeping a mood journal.