Graphic Design

Sophie Shuofei Li

The Organ No.101

When I travel to the United States, I wear a small cross-body pouch—it’s fashionable and functional, adding an accessorizing layer as well as holding my bank card. I ask: Is it annoying to constantly wear this pouch, even when function no longer exists? No. But it does add weight to me, like a small emotional burden. Likewise, there are many invisible burdens on our shoulders in daily life.

I am using this cross-body pouch as a metaphor for emotional burden, described by its physical weight representing connection or detachment. I am also adding more coded messages through floral decorations. We all know flowers always represent positive meanings and convey best wishes, but these eight chosen flowers imbue negative or heavy feelings, suggesting our life is imperfectly perfect. The abstract Chinese embroidery patterns evoke myriad emotions, designed to imitate our surroundings.