Graphic Design

Wei Yun Chen

I love publications.
I love books.
I love paper.

I think those things are the most powerful and meaningful thing in this world.

Based on my personality and background, I always have difficulty expressing what I actually want to say and feel. Therefore, paper becomes the media to carry the message to help me to communicate with others—either through hand writing or design. I use paper as a material to hold another layer of language, varying textures, colors and thickness to provide a physical experience for my audience.

Historically, paper used to be a media meant to hold and deliver information from place to place; however, its application expanded—forcing me to rethink paper’s potential. Deft communication through people’s feelings provides information that people’s brains translate into thoughts and emotions.

In addition, I love to observe the things around me expecailly people. I understand people’s personality by reading their action, way of speaking and movement. I can easily feel people’s emotion by how they acting. In design, the way I choose paper for each project I made is similar to how I observe people by all kind of features to detainment which paper can present the content I have. The texture, the thickness and the color of the paper creates another layer of communication which beyond the content I print on it. By touching and observing, I created my unique perspective of design thinking about what is the possibility of paper. Besides color, texture, and thickness, what could be another feature of paper? Therefore, if the paper has its personality, just like the people around you what will it looks like?

《quiet voice》
If paper could represent who you are, what would it look like?