Graphic Design

Weiqian Zhang

This thesis is a designed, multi-perspective narrative frame for audiences to learn and explore their psychological self-awareness.

As a pre-psychology student, I believe that self-awareness is an essential step of personal growth, especially for my peers as audiences. So that I want to project the importance of individual self-awareness through human nature self-awareness in a long history of psychology succession, from fable to science. In this thesis, I explored different design layers to achieve the theme: book, video, and interactive design.

The books are the first design layer, they are in a movie-like edited form, between flipping book and comic book, designed for the detailed stories from fable to science about human nature in psychology. The video is the trailer of those movie books, to link those detailed stories together as what I want to say of my thesis. And the interactive design is based on art therapy and narrative therapy. It is the last layer of my design, which I think can make the audience have real experience in self-awareness.