Graphic Design

Wenqing Wang

One Invisible Wall: Why are we alone, Urumqi.

2009, 07, 05. The whole city is in grief, but we are strong—for this topic I will create a design visual language to convey two sides of perspective, as an insider to describe the trauma that had taken since the incident happened, to express my emotion for my community, and as a person to come out of the shadow to express the city is recovering.

The Xinjiang government blocked our internet for a whole year, severing our connection to the outer world, and every province in China. We couldn't text each other, we couldn’t go far away or have fun with our friends like we usually did.

The indignation, the sadness—it’s still there after so many years, but we are trying to survive from that. There are people still suffering from the trauma, still holding it back. What’s the insight? Why am I scared, why am I angry, why do I still feel emotional about it today? Why do I feel abandoned by my own country?

My thesis uses graphic design as a vehicle exposing this political cover up, to tell my side of the story. My work is critical of the government and arguing my side of belief: I asked “Why is the government trying to shut down the internet when we need it most?, what are they trying to hide?” I illustrate responses from a first hand account, hoping the resulting narrative provides a source of comfort and healing to my community. I Illustrate this topic from a more individual perspective, as an insider who has been through this.

We are healing from this trauma, we are united, we are strong.